Why wear a Baha'i ring? or Bahá'í jewellery?

Well, for me it is not only about the fact that it looks great and its a beautiful or only because of the amazing meaning of the Baha'i ring symbol (will blog about this soon). To me, wearing a Baha'i piece of jewelry is also about exposure. This is also a reason why I like to wear and design jewelery that is unusual and catches the eye. People look at it and wonder what it means and well, you can take it from there. Just saying it is a Baha'i ring or a Bahá'í pendant can start up a conversation about the Faith or can just inform people of the existence of the Bahá'í Faith if they haven't heard of it.

One too many times this has happened to me; and just to make this post a bit more real, I will tell you what happened to me last week at a supermarket in Sydney, Australia.

I was shopping (of course) and there met a lovely lady who was looking for the bicarb soda (baking soda). Given I was browsing with no hurry whatsoever, I stopped to help her spot it and she went on to tell me she uses it to clean her silver jewellery. She saw I was wearing one of the rings from Bahá'í Gems and she asked to see it and then went on to ask what it meant. I told her the meaning and that is was a Baha'i ring and she had already heard of the Bahá'í Faith...that made things much easier! We spoke about religion in general for about 5 minutes and then went our separate ways.

What I am trying to say is that opportunities like this one are there for us every single day! I was so happy it happened to me and all that only because that morning I put on a Bahá'í ring.

This is the ring I was wearing that day[/caption]
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