July 11th - Baha'i Rights Day

So two groups (one of them, a non-Baha'i as is my understanding) after discussing about all the troubles and current trials Baha'is in Iran are going through, it was decided to make the NEW date for their trial, the formal "Baha'i Rights Day". Therefore, today, July 11th is that day. Interesting, huh?

Now, some background on this trials going on in Iran. So basically, seven people that were the ones that would be in a national committee in Iran to kind of manage the activities, etc in that country were imprisoned last year. They were put in prison and their contact with their families was very restricted. Besides the fact that they didn't have any reason to be put in jail, they had no legal representation because the lawyer they had (Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi) was not allowed to represent them anymore. Now, imagine, you are in a prison cell, banned from the outside world solely based on your religious beliefs...for a whole year, without a lawyer, without any solid charged! I mean, both men and women treated as criminals only because they were Baha'is seems a bit like we are going backwards instead of being a civilization in constant progress.

They have been given trial dates a couple of times and I don't know if it is because of all the international pressure on the government (which has been great) or the lack of arguments for their imprisonment that has not allows them to get the trial. SO supposedly today, this will happen. Because the lives of these 7 people are in danger and given that now, this day has been designated as the Baha'is Rights Day in order to make a point and create more awareness, maybe you can join this movement by saying a prayer for their protection or for real justice to be made.

I am still wondering what to do but I want to make it significant. If you do something and want to post it as a reply to this post, feel free and thank you!

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